Rock solid application and server monitoring for your PHP app

Wicked fast

Our lightweight agent is carefully designed to incur absolute minimal load on your servers

Doesn't break the bank

Trunk Alert is designed to be affordable from the ground up!

Simple installation

Get up and running in just few minutes!

Monitor key metrics

Keep track of response time, error rate and deployments at a glance using our health dashboard.

Lightweight profiling

Locate production bottlenecks in your application, and dive into under-optimized database queries.

Keep track of server health

View current and historic CPU usage, memory usage, disk space and load across your infrastructure.

Integrates with your favorite tools


Simple pricing, based on website traffic

Monthly Requests Cost per month
100,000 Free
1 Million $19
5 Million $99
20 Million $299

All plans include

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited apps
  • 30-day data retention

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